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➥ Is known for over 18 years on the market as a reliable company
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Boomessays Review


Ordering from Boomessays turned out to be a good test because we found that the company’s writers might be struggling with providing quality research. The paper we received from them would probably receive a low grade and a revision request.


We’ve been wanting to rest for quite some time now, because the company positions itself like experts in urgent writing, which is a statement that we take very seriously. Urgent writing is a very tricky business that only professionals can do, so we decided to write this review to test if they are as good as they think. The results were quite surprising.


I’m not satisfied with this company because they had to revise their work two times because of simple grammar mistakes. It seems to me that a non-native English speaker completed my paper, even though I requested a UK-based writer.

Pricing and Discounts

You can calculate a price for an order via the ordering form or in the Prices menu on the website, which is very convenient. The “High school” level of academic writing was the cheapest, with one page costing $12.99 for a deadline of 14 days (to get one in 24 hours, you’ll pay $24.99). This is a bit below average price rate in the industry. The prices go up with each academic year; for example, one page of Senior-level writing with 14-day deadline costs $18.99, but to get one in 24 hours, you’ll have to pay $30.99.

Since Boomessays position themselves as professionals in fast delivery of academic papers, we decided to go for a 3-page healthcare paper that would have to be delivered in 24 hours. The paper was titled “Patient Knowledge of Hypertension: Difference between Developed and Developing Countries,” so it required quality academic research and sources. We had to pay $74.97 to get our order, but we applied their first-time customer discount and reduced the price by 15 percent.

Paper Quality

We provided the writer at Boom essays with everything they possibly needed to write a good paper, including instructions and rubric. Customer support at reminded us to check our email often to make sure that we make the deadline for this urgent paper. Indeed, the writer has completed the order about 4 hours before the deadline, which was good, and if we were students, we could submit the paper to the professor.

However, we’d rather not submit this particular paper. First and foremost, the writer did not start the actual comparison of hypertension awareness until the end of the second page, which was surprising because that was the main point of the paper. Second, the writer only used two sources even though we requested at least five, so the instructions weren’t followed fully. As a result, the paper had a pretty low quality of analysis because it clearly required more data.

Combined, these problems are pretty serious, so we highly doubt that the paper would have gotten a good grade.

Writing Services Offered

In addition to typical services like academic writing, Boomessays also provides copywriting, resume writing, and math-science reports. So, you can get all sorts of academic works there, including essays, research papers, term papers, dissertations, and admission essays. Also, we found that the Boomessays had Editing and Proofreading in a separate tab in the Services menu item.













  • Paper delivered within the deadline
  • Discounts for first-time customers


  • Poor writing quality: grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Weak analysis and poor paper structure
  • Possibly non-native English writers
  • Failure to follow the instructions we provided

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