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➥ Writers with MA & PhD degree
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➥ Never miss deadlines
➥ Only positive online reviews
➥ Supportive customer service agents
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➥ Is known for over 18 years on the market as a reliable company
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If you need quality writing done by a professional writer, we suggest you stay away from The paper they completed for us was quite poor, and the writer failed to follow our recommendations.

Short Intro

The main marketing message at is that their writers are super professionals, capable of delivering good quality regardless of the topic, number of pages, or customer requirements. In fact, they’re so confident about their writers, they even launched a project called “Part-Payment,” where a customer can pay only for one page and then order the rest if satisfied with the result. While this may sound interesting for some people, we see no point in this. Why? Because participating in this will take more time to complete 1+ page paper and if you don’t like the quality, there’s no point in requesting the revision for only one page of an unfinished paper.


Can’t recommend them because I’m not satisfied with the quality of their writing. Not only customer support ignored my messages for hours, but also they gave me a shitty paper that I got a revision request for.

Their website also contains a section with a bunch of reviews, and, as many of you probably guessed it by now, most of them are super positive. Seriously, we scrolled through pages and pages of reviews and failed to find at least one even 4-star review. Does this mean that has a 100 percent customer satisfaction rate? We don’t think so. In fact, let’s not speculate a lot and order a paper from them to see if they are professionals.

Pricing and Discounts

There’s no Prices tab on, so we had to check the prices through the ordering from. So, if you would like to order an essay, one page delivered within 20 days (the longest allowed deadline) will cost $16.14, but if you need it within 3 days, the price goes up to $21.63. As for research papers, one page delivered within 3 days costs $21.29, but if you’re not in a hurry and can wait 10 days, you’ll reduce the price to $17.60.

(all prices specified for college-level writing).

There’s a 10 percent discount available for first-time customers, too.

To write this review, we decided to order a 4-page research paper on law titled “United States vs Lopez: the Impact of the Case on Gun Control Laws.” We specified that we need the paper back within 3 days, which cost us $85.16 before the 10 percent discount.

Also, we have to note that the ordering form at already has the “Assign a TOP writer in this subject to do my work” checkbox clicked on by default, which was surprising to us because that increased the price of our order to $110.72! Come on, you can’t push your services like that. So beware!

Paper Quality

Well, after reviewing the paper completed for this review, we can say that we expected it to be a lot better. Writing research papers on law is an art that requires using a certain style and supporting each and every claim you make, which is exactly what we couldn’t find in work. The writer used only two references for the paper, and one of them was, a website! This is simply unacceptable since we requested three scholar resources.

On top of that, the style of writing reminded us of the way some high school students write just to make the word count. Seriously, the quality of the case analysis was quite poor and resembled the article on Thoughtco that was cited.

Writing Services Offered offers a typical range of academic writing services: essays, research papers, term papers, dissertations, theses, case studies, review, presentations, and others.













  • Average prices
  • 10 percent discount for first-time customers


  • Low-quality resources used for the paper
  • Poor quality of the analysis of a landmark law case
  • Writer didn’t include three resources as required

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