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Papernow Review


Even though Papernow positions itself as specialists in urgent academic writing, the paper we’ve received wasn’t worth it. They delivered it in 24 hours, but the quality of the argument was poor, so any professor would ask to rewrite it completely or give it a low grade.


We’ve been wanting to do a review for some time now, mainly because their main marketing message is basically “have a paper due tomorrow? Not a problem, just give us the details and you’ll get it soon.” To us, it sounds like a bold statement, so this site has been on top of our “to-do” list for a long time. After browsing, we decided to test whether their writers are indeed capable of completing a difficult paper within 24 hours. Here’s what we found.


Not trusting Papernow with urgent assignments anymore. The paper they gave me a week ago was low quality and didn’t match my expectations. Going to choose another essay writing service next time!

Pricing and Discounts (Mention Specific Prices)

To place an order for a paper on, you can use a simplified form on the home page or go to Order menu section where you’ll find the full form. Buying a 2-page essay with a 3-day deadline will cost you $38.36, which places the price for one page at $19.18, which was a bit below the industry average. However, for this one, we went for an urgent assignment: a 3-page marketing paper with a 24-hour deadline. It cost us $77.91, and we also activated a pretty interesting feature called “SMS updates.” Since getting these would be quite useful for students to deal with stress, we ordered this feature, which increased the price to $81.90.

Paper Quality

Shortly after we placed the order, we sent a message to the writer saying that we need this paper as soon as possible because we’ve got a deadline change from the professor. It didn’t take us long to receive a response: the writer said that we shouldn’t worry and that he would let us know if our help was required. The only document that was provided to the writer was the rubric, but he told us that he didn’t have any questions.

In about 5 hours after we placed the order, we received an SMS from Papernow saying that the order is in progress and should be delivered within the deadline. We have to admit, this is a very good feature and more essay writing companies should have it. The next SMS informed us that the paper has been completed and sent to our email.

So, here’s what we thought about the paper: there is no way we would submit it to a professor if we were students. It was obvious that the writer didn’t do a thorough job at researching the argument that we needed to analyze, so half of the paper was basically a description of the poem. Even if we reached Papernow for an urgent revision, the writer would need a lot of time to complete it. This, of course, coupled with a few spelling mistakes and APA formatting errors, means that if we were a real student, we would fail our task.

Writing Services Offered

According to, the company specializes in writing a range of academic assignments, including essays, research papers, dissertations as well as separate chapters, lab reports, math problems, presentations, speeches, resumes, and others. On top of that, they also invite visitors to contact them for proofreading and editing. This range is very common in the industry, with posters being the most unusual service offered this essay writing service.













  • SMS updates
  • Good communication with customer support


  • Unqualified writer who failed to understand the task properly
  • Poor quality of analysis
  • Spelling mistakes in the body of the paper
  • Incorrect APA citations

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  1. Paper came back plagiarized and they refused to accept it and resolve the issue. Their customer service reps hung up on me numerous times. I basically just threw away the cost of the paper and the time I would have had to write it myself. I feel like I just bought a new Iphone from someone off the street to find out its just a case with a lead weight in it.

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